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Perforated Cable Trays

Non Ventilated Cable Tray, Ventilated Cable Tray, Aluminum Cable Tray, Manufacturers, Suppliers, ExportersOur range of perforated or ventilated trays is offered in drilled and perforated channels. Available in 50 mm lengthwise and a minimum of 25 mm crosswise, the perforated type cable trays are available at widths from 50 mm to 900 mm and are designed for standard support span of 2,500 mm. The perforated type cable trays are made of HR sheets and also from pre galvanised sheets with various thickness and flange heights.

Materials : Mild steel, Pre galvanised
Finish : Hot dip glavanised, Redoxide, Enamel painted & Power coated.
Length : Standard length to tray is 2500 mm
Steel : As per IS: 2062 /1079
Galvanising : As per IS: 2629/4759

Accessories : The accessories include straight leader, horizontal elbow, horizontal tee, horizontal cross, horizontal reducer, vertical elbow up, inside, vertical elbow down, outside, coupler plate, fasteners, etc.